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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about nacos?

Welcome to Nacos! Nacos is committed to help you discover, configure, and manage your microservices. It provides a set of simple and useful features enabling you to realize dynamic service discovery, service configuration, service metadata and traffic management.

Which is the first class citizen of nacos?

It helps you to build cloud native applications and microservices platform easily. Service is a first-class citizen in Nacos. Nacos supports almost all type of services,for example, Dubbo/gRPC service, Spring Cloud RESTFul service or Kubernetes service.

How to register a service in nacos server?

Start NacosDiscoveryApplication and call curl http://localhost:8080/discovery/get?serviceName=example ,you will get a return value of an empty JSON array []. Call Nacos Open API to register a service called example to the Nacos server.

Which is DNS based service discovery does nacos support?

Nacos supports both DNS-based and RPC-based (Dubbo/gRPC) service discovery. After a service provider registers a service with native, OpenAPI, or a dedicated agent, a consumer can discover the service with either DNS or HTTP. Nacos provides real-time health check to prevent services from sending requests to unhealthy hosts or service instances.

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