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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nacos?

GitHub - alibaba/nacos: an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications. Loading status checks… Failed to load latest commit information.

How to listen for configuration changes in nacos?

This API is used to listen for configurations in Nacos to capture configuration changes. In case of any configuration changes, you can use the Get Configurations API to obtain the latest value of the configuration and dynamically refresh the local cache.

How do I contact nacos support?

[email protected]: Commits notice, very high frequency. Join us from DingDing (Group 1: 21708933 (full), Group 2: 30438813). If you need Nacos enterprise service support, or purchase cloud product services, you can join the discussion by scanning the following DingTalk group.

Why choose nacos for Dynamic DNS service?

With Nacos, you can also implement circuit breakers for your services with ease. By supporting weighted routing, Dynamic DNS Service helps you implement mid-tier load balancing, more flexible routing, traffic control and DNS resolution services in the production environment within your data center.

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