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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NAC OSCE?

The NAC OSCE is comprised of 10 stations, each 11 minutes in length with 2-minute breaks between stations to prepare for the next station. A short description will be present on the stations' doors and inside each station outlining the assigned task such as taking a history, or conducting or describing a physical exam.

How much does NAC OSCE exam coaching cost?

All Of Our Residency Matching Packages NAC OSCE EXAM COACHING. $495.00 NAC OSCE Online Coaching. $1,995.00 NAC OSCE PRACTICE EXAM. $395.00 NAC OSCE In-Person Crash Course. $1,295.00

What happens if I fail the NAC OSCE?

If you fail, you can re-write the NAC OSCE up to 3 times, but it must be at least 1 year from the previous attempt. Reflect on the stations that you did not feel as comfortable with and allocate time to focus on your areas of weakness.

What is the NAC and how do I get It?

The NAC is required for IMGs and DO school graduates from the US applying to Canadian residency programs. If this is your situation, your NAC result must be submitted when you apply to Canadian residencies through CaRMS. To apply for the NAC, use portal.

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