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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NASA getting government funding?

The U.S. government funds NASA using federal revenue from income, corporate, and other taxes. The Trump administration plans to increase funding by encouraging public-private partnerships. The budget provides incentives for businesses to partner with the government on space station operations,...

What does NASA do exactly?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent federal agency responsible for developing and implementing the nation’s space program. This includes planning long-term civilian and military aerospace research, development of manned and unmanned missions into space, and the training of astronauts.

How can I contact NASA?

Office of Human Capital Management NASA Headquarters 300 E St. SW Washington, DC 20456 NASA Shared Services Center Customer Contact Center 1-877-NSSC123 (phone) 1-866-779-NSSC (fax) [email protected]

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