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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christmas village in Nashville?

Plan to enjoy a great Christmas shopping experience by visiting Christmas Village when holidaying in Nashville. Around 30,000 shoppers and 260 merchants throughout the country are known to participate in this renowned event that is considered the oldest consumer function in the capital of Tennessee.

What are the best Christmas events in Nashville?

Bringing you joy and laughter this season is the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour, one of the most entertaining Christmas events in Nashville. This hilarious experience takes you around the best of Nashville, all while providing humor and background on what a redneck really is. Feel like a local by getting to know the vibrant city through this unique tour.

Is Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville worth visiting?

Enjoy the most beautiful winter stroll by visiting Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville during your upcoming holidays to Tennessee’s capital city. Feel the festive spirit the moment you enter the premises, where the gardens and a mile-long path is adorned by a million sparkling lights.

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