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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a NAT?

Understanding Network Address Translation, NAT. Network Address Translation (NAT) is one of the basic functions of a circuit level gateway. The simple purpose of NAT is to hide the IP addresses of a private network from the outside world.

What does the type of Nat means?

NAT types - There are 3 types of NAT: Static NAT - In this, a single private IP address is mapped with single Public IP address, i.e., a private IP address is translated to a public IP address. ... Dynamic NAT - In this type of NAT, multiple private IP address are mapped to a pool of public IP address . ... Port Address Translation (PAT) -

What are the different types of Nat?

All types of NAT fall into two categories; Static NAT and Dynamic NAT. Static NAT is where administrators manually create and maintain the NAT mappings and is usually associated with inbound types of NAT. Dynamic NAT is where the router creates and maintains mappings automatically on demand and is usually associated with outbound types of NAT.

What is a NAT type?

NAT type 1 is the playstation is connected to the open Internet with no NAT and no router. For security purposes, you should never connect to the Internet like that. NAT type 2 is NAT set up with holes poked in the firewall to allow the Playstation increased access to the Internet.

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