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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an art shop in the National Gallery?

We have three shops in the National Gallery and an online shop with a wide range of gifts and souvenirs. We also have one of the most extensive art bookshops in central London and an exceptional custom print and framed print service, with the highest quality reproductions of the most popular paintings in the National Gallery Collection.

Where can I buy art supplies in London?

Visit the National Gallery of Art Shops to find a selection of art-inspired gifts, apparel, accessories, art supplies, stationery, books, and children’s items. Shop online and support the National Gallery. You will find an array of our best-selling items, perfect for sending gifts or treating yourself.

Where can I buy souvenirs at the National Gallery?

In our West Building Shop (near the 6th Street entrance), explore a wide variety of art-inspired apparel and souvenirs, including the National Gallery's vibrant new merchandise. Visit the East Building Shop to discover a curated collection of special gifts that celebrate 20th- and 21st-century artists.

What can you buy at the gallery shop?

The Gallery Shop - Selection of modern and contemporary art books, unique art gifts and objects, contemporary jewelry, and apparel National Gallery of Art Shop | Fine Museum Gifts | National Gallery of Art Shop Stay Inspired Sign up to hear about special offers, new products, and more. Go Don't show this popup again

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