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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the national dress of Ghana?

The smock and Kente cloth are the national dress of Ghana. Kente cloth originated in the southern region of Ghana. The smock is made of hand-loomed strips popularly called Strip Cloths.

What is Ghana national service?

The Ghana National Service Scheme is a public organization currently under the Ministry of Education and Sports of Ghana. National Service is committed to deploying young graduates and diplomats of.....

What is Ghana News?

News Ghana formerly known as Spy Ghana started in 2010 as a news blog by Madam Mushura Don-Baare and became a News Portal in January 2013. Spy Ghana also made world headlines for the wrong reasons in 2012.[1] News Ghana is managed by Roger A. Agana, who is co-founder, former general manager and editor of

What is the national anthem of Ghana?

Universal Newsreel about the establishment of Ghana in 1957. "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana" is the national anthem of Ghana. The anthem "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana" was originally written and composed by Philip Gbeho and adopted in 1957.

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