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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has the cheapest gas?

States such as South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri — which have the cheapest gas prices — also have among the lowest gas taxes. Seven of the states with the highest gas prices have gas taxes above the national average of 31.2 cents per gallon.

Where is the cheapest gas in the United States?

According to, a website that tracks gas prices across the U.S., the town for cheapest gas in the United States is Humboldt, Tennessee, a small town with a population hovering around 10,000 and an average gas price of just $2.32 per gallon.

Which states have the highest gas prices?

Alaska has the highest gas prices in the nation, with a gallon of regular gasoline at $4.623, followed by California at $4.583 as of June 30. Hawaii, Connecticut and Washington make up the top five states with highest prices, with New York and D.C. not far behind at $4.292 and $4.160 respectively.

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