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Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintings are in the National Gallery of Art?

The National Gallery of Art’s painting collection, like the museum itself, began with Andrew W. Mellon (1855–1937). When the National Gallery opened to the public in 1941, the 121 old master paintings that Mellon had given to the nation were on view.

What kind of art is in the National Gallery of Ireland?

The National Art Collection. The National Gallery of Ireland, founded in 1854, houses a rich collection of over 16,300 artworks. Spanning the history of western European art, from around 1300 to the present day, the collection includes well-known artists from Mantegna and Titian to Monet and Picasso.

What kind of art is in the National Gallery of Georgia?

The NGA's collection galleries and Sculpture Garden display European and American paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, and decorative arts. The permanent collection of paintings extends from the Middle Ages to the present day.

How do I search the National Gallery of art collection?

Search the entire National Gallery of Art collection by artist's last name, key words in the title, key words in object information, credit line, provenance name, accession number, exhibition history, and/or catalogue raisonné. Explore a list of artists whose works make up the National Gallery of Art collection.

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