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Frequently Asked Questions

Does National Geographic offer internships?

Both the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Partners offer summer internship opportunities. The programs are run separately, but both provide paid internships which are designed to give undergraduate and graduate students a well-rounded experience.

What is a National Geographic Traveler?

National Geographic Traveler is a travel magazine that is the explorer's guide to planning the perfect trip. With breathtaking photography of must-see destinations and practical tips for every traveler, it will inspire readers to book that next vacation.

What is National Travel Service?

National Travel Service, which also operates under the name NATIONAL TRAVEL, is located in Charleston, West Virginia. This organization primarily operates in the Tourist Agency Arranging Transport, Lodging and Car Rental business / industry within the Transportation Services sector.

What is a national travel agency?

Welcome National Travel is a full-service travel agency with knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing travel solutions for clients of all sizes. Our vacation travel, government travel, corporate travel, sports travel, celebrity travel, international student travel, and education travel divisions specialize in meeting...

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