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Frequently Asked Questions

What are national grid’s dividend recommendations for 2020?

National Grid have recommended a final dividend to bring full year dividend to 48.57p, up 2.6%, in line with policy The National Grid Board has recommended an increase in the final dividend to 32.0 pence per ordinary share ($2.0126 per American Depositary Share) which will be paid to shareholders on the register as at 3 July 2020.

How do I pay for a national grid subscription?

Pay by bank account (optionally on an automated basis), credit/debit card, phone, mail and at designated locations. National Grid - Here with you. Here for you. Skip to main contentSkip to main navigation

How much are National Grid credits worth?

The residential rate varies and can be viewed on National Grid's website . The credits are worth the retail price of electricity in Rhode Island, calculated as the sum of Standard Offer Service, Distribution, Transmission, and Transition charges. Based on current residential rates (as of late 2020) this adds up to approximately 11 cents/kWh.

Do you pay special dividends to national grid?

... ... * Dividend has not yet been paid but has been declared by National Grid. All dividend metrics data is calculated excluding any special dividends. Historical dividends may be adjusted to reflect any subsequent rights issues and corporate actions.

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