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Frequently Asked Questions

What national holidays are in June?

Many countries have special holidays dedicated to mothers, fathers, children and families as a whole. Vietnam also has such holiday, Family Day, which is annually celebrated on June 28. Unofficial Holidays → USA. June 28 is National Tapioca Day.

What are all the holidays in June?

June Holidays. One of the most popular June Holidays is Father's Day, a day that we give honor to our Fathers, for all they have done to make our lives wonderful. Our Dad, Herb Smith in 2012. As a career Army Veteran, this is his Patriotic Holiday Shirt that he wears on all the Holiday's.

What days are celebrated in June?

June marks the beginning of summer and signals freedom for many students as they stream out of schools, ready for lazy days, outside activities, swimming, climbing and traveling. But, June also marks a month of special days to celebrate.

What is the national holiday for June 21?

The major national holiday in Greenland is National Day (Ullortuneq), that is annually celebrated on June 21. The festival is organized in every settlement and town of Greenland.

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