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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important holidays in Costa Rica?

Here is a listing of the most important official holidays that are celebrated in Costa Rica: January 1st – New Year’s Day March 19th – St Joseph’s Day, patron saint of San Jose and San Jose province March or April – Easter/Semana Santa.

What are the special holidays in Costa Rica?

This is a national holiday celebrating the patron saint of Costa Rica. All types and sorts of special masses and religious processions are held. La Basilica de Cartago is the center of a peregrination from all parts and regions of Costa Rica, where people come on foot, some from hundreds of kilometers or more.

What are the best all inclusive hotels in Costa Rica?

This 169-room all-inclusive beach resort offers plenty of bang for the buck, with a big pool, outdoor massage huts, a poolside lunch buffet, multiple bars and upscale restaurants, and a slice of Costa Rican sand. The adults-only resort is geared toward couples looking for a quiet, romantic stay.

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