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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some celebrations in Honduras?

Honduras celebrates a number of saint’s days each year. These events come alive with dancing, performances, religious ceremonies and large parties. La- Ceiba or la Feria de San Isidro, is one of the largest of all Honduran festivals in mid- May.

Does Honduras celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday predominantly celebrated in the US and Canada. It is similarly observed in a few other countries, but Honduras is not one of them. In Honduras, the fourth Thursday of November is just another work day.

What are the customs of Honduras?

Honduras is a Central American country nestled between Nicaragua and Guatemala, with a vast coastline along the Caribbean Sea. Although the country is very poor, it is seeing a surge in tourism, especially eco-tourism. The food customs of the country provide plentiful, simple fare with an emphasis on locally grown foods such as corn and plantains.

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