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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best national parks in Nevada?

Nevada National Parks. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, California National Historic Trail, Great Basin National Park, Death Valley National Park and Old Spanish National Historical Trail are some of the worth visiting national parks of the State of Nevada. The Death Valley National Park of Nevada reflects the rich historical legacy of the state.

What is the annual pass for national parks?

An annual pass covers unlimited entrances for one vehicle into all the designated national parks (and other attractions on the registry list), for a driver and all passengers in the vehicle.

Is there a National Park near Las Vegas?

Great Basin: The Great Basin National Park is located near Las Vegas in Nevada. It features the Lehman Caves, which are natural limestone formations that are a true wonder to behold. Additionally, the Park features Lexington Arch, which is a limestone formation over six stories tall, and Wheeler Peak Glacier.

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