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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the weather forecast areas in Idaho?

WFO Boise's forecast area covers southeast Oregon and Southwest Idaho. WFO Pocatello's forecast area covers Eastern and South Central Idaho. WFO Missoula's forecast area covers Central Mountains of Idaho. WFO Spokane's forecast area covers the Idaho Panhandle.

When did the National Weather Service move to Boise Idaho?

1969 - On August 9, the weather balloon Inflation building was moved to the NIFC campus and the Weather Bureau Radiotheodolite (WBRT-57) system was installed. 1970 - National Weather Service in Boise, Idaho becomes a Weather Forecast Office on June 22nd.

When was the first weather radar installed in Idaho?

1993 - The first weather radar in Idaho, the advanced WSR-88D Doppler radar, was installed in Boise on September 23rd. This was the 47th 88D installed in a new national network. The WSR-88D Radar was commissioned in January 11, 1995.

When was the AWIPS installed at Boise Idaho?

2000 - The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) was commissioned on April 6th. It allows assimilation of radar, satellite, surface and upper air observations, and computer model guidance into one workstation. 2006 - The Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS) was installed at WFO Boise in October.

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