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Frequently Asked Questions

What temp is it in Phoenix AZ?

In most years, Phoenix averages a daily maximum temperature for May that's between 92 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit (33 to 37 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 66 and 72 °F (19 to 22 °C).

What is the weather year round in Phoenix Arizona?

Phoenix, Arizona enjoys sunny, dry weather year round. It's the temperature that varies the most. Winters are pleasantly mild, springs and fall are warm, while daytime highs of over 100 degree F (above 38 °C) are the norm throughout summer.

How does radar help meteorologists forecast the weather?

Radar is used to gauge the speed of pitches at a baseball game. Doppler radar can help meteorologists predict winter storms. Meteorologists use weather Doppler radar to help locate and forecast storms. Pregnancy ultrasound uses 2D and 3D Doppler to give parents and obstetricians a baby's first picture.

What is the weather radar forecast?

A weather radar is a type of radar used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation.

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