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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the local weather radar?

There will be scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day.Friday will have mixed clouds, sun and thunderstorms, with a 49% chance of rain and a high of 83 degrees.Saturday be cloudy with a few showers. There is a 32% of rain and a high of 79 degrees.Sunday will be sunny with a high of 78 degrees and a 16% chance of rain.

What is the weather in radar?

The best chance for strong to severe storms (damaging wind) is Saturday across southern counties. Much colder air crashes in Sunday with a few rain to snow showers in the morning and highs barely making it into the 40s. Our main threat this weekend is torrential rain and potential flash flooding.

What is the weather forecast?

will make for a treacherous start to 2022," said National Weather Service meteorologist Peter Mullinax in an online forecast. Heavy snow was expected to spread from the Central Plains to the ...

What is the Doppler weather radar?

Weather radar (also known as Doppler weather radar) is an instrument that sends pulses of electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere to find precipitation, determine its motion and intensity, and identify the precipitation type such as rain, snow or hail. When the electromagnetic pulse strikes an object such as a raindrop or a snowflake, the ...

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