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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an RSS feed for severe weather alerts?

Rather than focusing on day-to-day weather forecasts, the National Weather Service provides a range of RSS feeds covering a broad number of severe weather alerts and warnings. It is highly US-centric but does provide a few non-US feeds.

Is AccuWeather RSS feed worth subscribing?

AccuWeather is a well-known website and app for accurate weather forecasts, making its RSS feed worth subscribing to. The AccuWeather RSS feed is similar to the Yahoo Weather service. You need to grab the location ID number for the place you want to monitor, and then add it to a predefined URL.

What is the National Weather Service doing to improve NWS products?

The National Weather Service is always seeking to improve the availability and quality of NWS products and services based on user feedback. Comments regarding the use of RSS to disseminate NWS operational data/products should be emailed to National Weather Service at [email protected]

What format does the NWS supplied RSS use?

These NWS supplied RSS documents use the RSS 2.0 format. Each RSS item links to the html/web documents described above. Additional technical information is available from the following non-US Government website: A non-US Government maintained list of RSS readers, aggregators and related software:

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