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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Natsuki's neck based on a real thing?

Although it could be the source of inspiration for Natsuki's neck, it's somewhat unlikely, as it's just a little skit in the game.

What happens to Natsuki at the end of a black screen?

A black screen will show with the word "END" flipped backwards before the game resumes and restarts as if nothing happened, with Natsuki still in the game. (Note: This isn't necessarily an ending to the game, but more the events that lead to the end of her life. It is an unavoidable event.)

What happened to Natsuki's eyes?

It takes place on Day 3, in the poem sharing time. When the protagonist shares his poem with Natsuki, she will complain that he has been spending too much time with Yuri. Natsuki's eyes and mouth will begin to glitch out and will be covered with shifting black pixels.

Why didn’t Natsuki kill herself?

Natsuki didn’t have to take her aggression out on other people, it was her flaw, but because of that, when it was amplified, it wouldn’t manifest in suicide because she didn’t see herself as the problem; she saw others as the problem.

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