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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the NCC?

Purpose of the NCC The NCC shall provide strategic guidance for operation and development of the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (CRU) program and assistance to the program in meeting its financial needs in order to build a strong and integrated base of support that serves the research, education, and technical assistance ...

Is the NCC a certificate helpful in the NDA Exam?

While joining NCC may not directly benefit you in your performance in the written NDA entrance exam, the fact that you are an NCC cadet will stand you in good stead in case you clear the exam and proceed for the SSB interview.

What are the benefits of doing NCC?

Benefits of NCC also includes self-discipline and problem-solving skills. The main benefits of NCC apart from personality developing skills, is the certificate you get. After completion of training and fulfilling other conditions like attendance etc, the candidate gets the certificate from the NCC. Based on the duration of the training, NCC ...

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