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Frequently Asked Questions

What cars does Avis Rent?

Premium Car Models Chevrolet Impala. Experience balanced handling and a smooth and comfortable ride with a Chevy Impala rental from Avis. Volkswagen Passat. A Volkswagen Passat rental offers reasonable gas mileage, a sporty look, and plenty of passenger room for travelers. Ford Taurus. ... Nissan Maxima. ... Toyota Avalon. ...

Do you need rental car in New Orleans?

Generally, we say skip the rental car if you’re staying in the city. You Don't Need A Car In New Orleans. First of all if you're staying in the French Quarter or close by in the Central Business district, you won't need a car.

What do Avis Rent car tolls?

When a renter utilizes these lanes, the toll system identifies the car and charges the standard cash fee for toll roads as published by the toll authority, plus the convenience fee of $3.95 per day ($19.75 maximum per month). All toll charges will appear on the renter's credit card statement as Avis Rent A Car Tolls, 866-642-2000.

Does Enterprise Rent a car?

Enterprise is one of several rental car companies that sells its used fleet vehicles. You can search Enterprise's inventory online and arrange financing through Enterprise or bring your own loan from an outside lender. Every used car comes with a manufacturer's warranty and must pass an inspection to become Enterprise Certified.

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