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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Google say about the Privacy Bill?

Alphabet Inc.’s Google, meanwhile, criticized the legislation in a blog post, saying it would hamstring popular products such as Google Search and Gmail. Like Apple, Google said the bills would threaten user security and privacy and end up harming consumers.

What's the new name for Google my Business?

• New Name: Google My Business has been renamed “Google Business Profile. ” This wasn’t surprising to many, since GMB Help documents began using the term “profile” instead of “listing” months ago.

Who is the Chief Legal Officer of Google?

“Legislation being debated in the House and Senate could break these and other popular online services, making them less helpful and less secure, and damaging American competitiveness,” Google Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker said in the blog post. “We’re deeply concerned about these unintended consequences.”

What did Google say about the antitrust bills?

Google's blog post did not call out any bills by name. Instead, it referred to "anti-tech bills" and "antitrust law," saying these measures could "break" online services like Google Search, Maps and Gmail. The post also detailed how the bills could degrade the security and privacy of Google services and harm US technological leadership.

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