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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install mods with the Nexus Mod Manager?

Make sure the Modis ticked in the applied modsand hit Launch inside the modmanager. #Frosty modmanagerpreview audio zip file# Download the modfiles from the NexusModpage, and import the zip file in the ModManager. Once you have launched the ModManager, run it and it will ask you to locate the Battlefront2.exe.

What is the purpose of the Nexus Mod Manager?

The NexusModManager(NMM) is a computer program that performs multiple, related tasks to support the acquiring, archiving, activating and managing of Computer Game Modification files (mods) We can always suggest people to give MO, TMM, Wrye or w/e else a try, but not tell them to switch to MO because of own opinions faild: nexusmodmanager

What games does the Nexus Mod Manager support?

NexusModManageris one of the most popular modmanagersfor Skyrim, Fallout, and Dark Souls. Despite being recently displaced by Vortex, the popularity of this modmanagerhas not declined. NexusModManageris the go-to spot where the best game modifications can be found.

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