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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NH live free or Die?

New Hampshire became the 9th state in 1788 (public domain image on Wikipedia). Live Free or Die. New Hampshire's official state motto is "Live Free or Die," adopted in 1945 as World war II approached its end (the Old Man of the Mountain was also adopted at this time as the state emblem).

What is the best bank in NH?

Here is our the list of the top New Hampshire banks and credit unions we track. These banks are the most popular local banks in New Hampshire. Browse their current rates for the best New Hampshire bank rates. Bank of New England. Bellwether Community Credit Union. Community Guaranty Savings Bank. Optima Bank. Franklin Savings Bank.

Who won the lottery in NH?

One famous lottery winner from the state of New Hampshire is Bob Jaracz. Jaracz is a resident of Nashua, New Hampshire who has survived his share of life threatening events, from a plane crash during the Korean War where he was a fighter pilot to being a POW.

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