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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @nhsggc?

@NHSGGC NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Hospital and community based health care for our local population. For personal health care and advice contact your GP. Greater Glasgow and Clyde

What is the nhsggc formulary?

The NHSGGC Formulary contains two main sections, the Preferred List and the Total Formulary. The Preferred List is composed of approximately 350 medicines which represent the first-line agents for many classes of medicine and cover many common conditions and diseases.

How many followers does nhsggc have?

@NHSGGC TweetsTweets, current page.21.8K FollowingFollowing1,008 FollowersFollowers31.2K LikesLikes6,272 ListsLists3

What is the largest health board in the UK?

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is the largest health board in the UK. We provide healthcare to over 1.2 million people and employ around 38,000 staff. Tell us your experience of our services, have your say, and more.

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