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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Chelsea be missed in 'Raven's home' season 5?

While Chelsea will certainly be missed in the upcoming season of "Raven's Home," the remaining characters and the nostalgic storyline will hopefully fill the void. Watch the season five premiere of "Raven's Home" on March 11 on Disney Channel and Disney+.

What happened to Raven's dad?

Raven's dad, Victor Baxter, has a mild heart attack, and Raven springs into action to take care of him. Along with Booker, she moves back to her hometown of San Francisco and lives with her dad, leaving Chelsea behind in Chicago, while her daughter Nia moves in with her dad.

Is Anneliese van der Pol leaving 'Raven's home'?

Anneliese van der Pol has also yet to comment about her absence from season five of "Raven's Home." The actress is currently a part of the Spring 2022 cast of "Disney Princess-The Concert" which is touring across the United States.

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