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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NKJV a good version of the Bible?

Yes, the NKJV is a very good English translation of the Bible. It is very readable and available in a number of formats/study editions. NIV does not "change the meaning" or "leave out verses." You are working with faulty information from uninformed sources. I like it. I preach from it. I believe it's a solid translation. I like it a lot.

Is the NKJV really a KJV?

The NKJV is certainly based on the KJV, and in light of all this, to claim that it “ is a lie ” for the NKJV to bill itself as a “ King James Bible ” is unfair. The assertion, meanwhile, that it is deceptive to claim that the NKJV is “ based on the Textus Receptus ” is itself deceptive. According to the NKJV Preface,

How accurate is the NKJV?

The strength of the New King James Version is in how it updates the archaic language of the KJV while maintaining much of its beauty and eloquence. The New King James Version is very literal in its rendering, resulting in a very good “word-for-word” translation.

Is the NKJV reliable?

We find that the NKJV is a very good and accurate translation. There are two main criteria to consider in determining what is the most accurate Bible translation. First is the degree of literalness, and second is the Hebrew and Greek texts used by the translators. Why?

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