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Is there such a thing as impermanence in life?

It is also important to understand that grasping for positive thoughts, emotions, and occurrences in life is not what positive psychology suggests. If you accept the notion of impermanence but still attempt to force happiness and joy into your life, you are missing the point.

What are the best Buddhist quotes on change and impermanence?

If we are attached to the happy experiences, we are bound to feel sad and despair when things change. If you want to end the suffering of attachment, these best Buddhist quotes on change, impermanence and letting go will help you. 1. “Nothing is permanent, except change.” The Buddha 2.

Is there anything permanent except change?

There Is Nothing Permanent Except Change. There is nothing is permanent except change. Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher maintained that change is the only reality in nature. We’ve all made changes in our lives, both good and bad, expected and unexpected. Relationships, circumstances, and feelings change.

Is impermanence something to be afraid of?

“Impermanence is not something to be afraid of. It’s the evolution, a never-ending horizon.” ~Deepak Chopra I have been reading a lot lately on attachment and impermanence. It’s a big topic, one that is often hard to wrap your head and heart around. How can I live a life without attachment?

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