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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the number 13 considered to be unlucky?

There are several reasons why people believe that 13 is unlucky, stemming from religion to science. Those who are very religious may associate 13 to the 13 th individual who came to the last supper. Judas was the 13 th person and the person who went against Jesus. The number 12 has much significance in our everyday life.

What does number 13 represent in the Bible?

It is said in the Bible that number 13 is a symbol of all governments that a man has created and that Satan has inspired. Number 13 can be seen as a rebellion against the eternal life and eternity in general. There are also many other biblical facts related to number 13.

Is 13 a perfect number?

One analyst claims that around a billion dollars a year are lost as people choose not to do business of any kind on Friday the 13th. 10. 12 IS A PERFECT NUMBER, SO 13 MUST BE UNLUCKY. In some schools of numerology, the number 12 is considered to be the representation of perfection and completion.

What is the story behind the number (13)?

The story of the unlucky number 13 is associated with Christian belief . There are lot of unfortunate incidents which happened on 13; mostly on Friday 13. Since this belief is there nobody wants to stay on a room which has the number 13. There is a movie titled 1408 (1+4+0+8= 13) which is on a haunted hotel room. It is a worthy watch.

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