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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Henry Ford nurses?

Across southeast Michigan, Henry Ford nurses are delivering care to our friends, families and neighbors – in their homes, doctors’ office and hospitals. The constant dedication and delivery of compassionate, high quality care from the thousands of Henry Ford nurses changes the millions of lives of the people they touch.

Is there a new hire program at Henry Ford Hospital?

This program is available for new hires effective July 5, 2021. For details, visit this link or email our Talent Selection Team. From providing intensive care after surgery or in the emergency room to providing help at home learning how to manage your diabetes, Henry Ford nurses strive for excellence in care every day with every patient.

Why work at Henry Ford health system?

Henry Ford Health System is a nationally recognized Health System where you’ll work with the most distinguished thought leaders in the country, using the most state of the art technology in the business. Your career will soar as you get this valuable experience!

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