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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect at the International Nursing conference 2022?

The three-day conference will focus majorly on obstacles and developments in the field of nursing and healthcare. The conference includes plenary talk and keynote speeches from renowned scientists around the globe, oral and poster presentations by researchers and students. Abstracts are due by September 30, 2022.

What is the American Nurses Association conference?

This conference brings together senior nursing executives from hospitals and health systems to strategize, collaborate and share best practices on patient safety, patient satisfaction, clinical transformation, readmissions, care coordination, quality and key new drivers shaping the healthcare industry. Who Should Attend?

What are the dates for the 2022 Leadership Summit?

There are dozens of leadership meetings, trainings, networking events, and socials. Dates: March 22-25, 2022, Virtual is April 26-29, 2022.

What is the 4th nursing World Conference 2019?

4th Nursing World Conference (NWC 2019) hosted by Magnus Group during August 19-21, 2019 at London, UK with a theme “In Pursuit of Viable Quality Health Care”, was a great success with eminent Keynote Speakers, Speakers, Delegates and Students from various reputed institutions to share their expertise and research work.

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