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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EBP important to nursing?

EBP is important because it means better care, safer care, and lower health care costs. Evidence-based practice leads to better patient outcomes and also protects the nurse's practice. Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site is for your information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

What are the benefits of evidenced based practice in nursing?

Evidence-based practice across the health care spectrum often results in better patient outcomes -- meaning fewer demands on health care resources -- and lowered health care costs. Wood cites as an example the traditional nursing practice of instilling normal saline before suctioning a mechanically ventilated patient.

Does EBP improve patient care?

Utilizing EBP promotes more of a collaborative approach to care. When all providers are basing their care on the latest evidence, variation of care is reduced. Add provider communication to this mix, and a recipe for quality care and improved patient safety is created. Collaborative care is rooted in communication and evidence.

What is the theory practice gap in nursing?

THEORY PRACTICE GAP IN NURSING 1 Theory Practice Gap in Nursing Nursing as a profession is still recovering from undesirable perceptions from the not too distant past. Positive changes have occurred and continue to advance the image of nursing.

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