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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a licensed vocational nurse LVN?

1. What is a licensed vocational nurse (LVN)? An entry-level health care provider who is responsible for rendering basic nursing care. A vocational nurse practices under the direction of a physician or registered nurse. The licensee is not an independent practitioner.

What does LVN coursework look like?

Your LVN coursework entails completing of 50.5 units in courses that prepare you to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in health assessment and nursing care of patients across the lifespan. If you want to become an RN, then you can continue with the associate degree program at Citrus, where 18 LVN units can be transferred.

What is the difference between LPN/LVN and RN?

The LPN/LVN acts in a more dependent role when participating in the planning and evaluation phase of the nursing process but acts in a more independent role when participating in the data collection and implementation phases of the nursing process. RNs are taught assessment skills as part of their basic education.

How long does the LVN program take to complete?

The LVN program is offered full-time at (Orange County and Los Angeles campuses) and part-time at (Orange County Campus). While the full-time program can be completed in 13 to 14 months, part-time will take twice the time.

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