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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy an oak coffee table?

An oak coffee table from ensures that the whole household enjoy the best possible visual and functional experience. Many variations in style and size are available from us, so we are sure you will find and make the perfect choice. They have all been carefully selected to perfectly complement all our other oak cabinets.

What style of coffee table suits your living room?

We have a style to suit every living room from traditional oak coffee tables to oak and glass coffee tables, rustic oak coffee tables to chunky solid oak tables and many more styles to choose from.

What kind of wood are coffee tables made of?

Choose from a variety of styles, from sunny oak to mango wood or painted coffee tables in a range of striking designs. Built from 100% solid hardwood for maximum strength, our coffee tables promise lasting quality. Our high-quality wooden coffee tables are built to last, and will look great in living rooms of all styles.

How much space do you need around an oak coffee table?

Leave a minimum gap of around 45cm between the coffee table and the area surrounding it. This will ensure there is plenty of space to walk around it while still being positioned close enough to provide easy access to drinks and snacks. Add extra flair to your oak coffee table by styling it to suit the wider décor in your living room.

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