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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Oasis do for You?

OASIS plays an integral role in program planning, which includes determining target population areas, formulating financial plans, monitoring program effectiveness, program evaluation and reporting program outcomes. Use OASIS data querying tools to: Develop profiles and report cards for counties or districts.

What is the purpose of Oasis?

OASIS is a group of data items developed, tested, and refined over the past decade. The OASIS items were designed for the purpose of enabling the rigorous and systematic measurement of patient home health care outcomes, with appropriate adjustment for patient risk factors affecting those outcomes.

What are the benefits of Oasis?

Benefits of OASIS. Supports both commercial & non-commercial requirements. Allows all contract types. Maximizes opportunities for Small Businesses. Streamlines acquisitions and provides better accountability. Supports customers with a robust Web Library.

What is the size of an oasis?

The Oasis of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship at 360 m (1,181 ft). The tonnage is 225,282 GT (gross tonnage). The beam measures 47 m (154 ft) and the height is 72 m (236 ft). The draught of the Oasis of the Seas has been measured at 9.3 m (31 ft).

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