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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Office Depot have coupons for school supplies?

Additionally, many school supply stores offer time-limited coupons for specific products throughout the year. At Office Depot, customers can access these coupons in stores or online, scoring great deals no matter how they prefer to shop. Should I shop for school supplies online or in stores?

Does Office Depot sell USPS packing supplies?

Yes, Office Depot does carry USPS packing supplies at many of its locations. For example, store locations may have Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes or envelopes. Additionally, you can ship the items out from the store, limiting the need to head to the post office to get your mail on its way. Office Depot locations typically sell regular stamps, too.

Does Office Depot give back to schools?

Give Back to Schools When it comes to giving back, Office Depot® knows that even a small act can make a huge difference. We believe that anything that can help you stretch your school's budget will better enable you to provide the best education possible. The Office Depot Give Back to Schools Program can help your school and your district.

Where can I buy school supplies for my child?

One of our favorite places to stock up on inexpensive school supplies is Office Depot – and it’s even better when they’re having a sale! Right now, they are hosting a sale on select school supplies, so it’s the perfect time to save on everything you need to get your students off to a great start this coming school year!

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