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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You ship packages at Office Depot?

Can Office Depot help me ship a package? Yes Office Depot and OfficeMax offer Mailing & Shipping services from FedEx and USPS (U.S. Postal Service®) to national, international, and military base locations. Choose from overnight, express or ground shipping options through FedEx, as well as Priority Mail Service available through USPS.

Is Office Max and Office Depot the same thing?

Office Depot bought OfficeMax a few years ago, but they maintained separate stores, they didn't merge into one store. So, with either OD or OM they have the same products, same sales/promotions, same uniforms, same rewards program, but they kept different identities, except that they're so similar I don't know how they're different.

Where is Office Depot closing stores?

Office Depot’s downtown location will be closing on May 15. ( Courtesy of Office Depot) Office Depot is shrinking its Denver area footprint. The office supplies retailer, which also owns OfficeMax, is planning to close three stores around the area by May, according to store employees. Office Depot’s small-format downtown store at 1585 Wynkoop St. near Union Station will be shuttered May 15, a store employee told BusinessDen.

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