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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an offshore oil and gas production operator do?

Responsible for preparing hot work areas (hanging fire tarps, covering cable trays, sealing deck penetrations, plugging deck drains, etc.). All Clients are requiring either vaccination or testing 24hrs prior to going offshore. T2/PSST 1st Aid / CPR*. Job Types: Full-time, Contract. Offshore Oil and Gas Production Operators - A and B Operator...

What are the non-supervisory rig-based drilling positions?

Non-supervisory rig-based drilling positions include positions such as floorman (entry-level), roustabout (Offshore entry-level), motorman and derrickman . More... 2+ years’ experience Offshore as a Rigger required. Inspect rigging to ensure safety and reliability.

What does an offshore compressor engineer do?

Operate Compressors, Pumps, and Separators on offshore platforms. Work with other offshore services such as Coil Tubing, Construction, and Wire line crews. More...

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