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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Peace of God come from?

The peace that comes from being in a right relationship with God so that we can be anxious for nothing but cast all our cares on Him is not a peace of this world. Rather, it comes only from God through Christ. Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you.

What is a peace that does not last?

It is a peace that is said to exist when there is no war or conflict. And this is a peace that does not last - Since the beginning of man's recorded history, the world has been seeking for peace, but it has only enjoyed it for only 8% of time. In 3,521 years, there have only been 286 years when no wars were fought!

Will the Peace of God keep our hearts?

The peace of God will keep our hearts only as we keep ourselves in His perfect peace by striving to maintain a right relationship with Him based on His word. Edward H. Bickersteth wrote, "Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?

How can we promote peace and harmony?

There have been peace talks, peace protests, peace initiative, peace marches, and countless organizations and institutions set up for the sole purpose of promoting peace and harmony. If you were to do a search on the internet, you will find millions of websites that talk about peace!

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