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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ohio State history?

A Brief History of Ohio's State Government. The settling of Ohio began in 1788 with the arrival of 48 members of an expedition sponsored by the Ohio Company, who purchased more than one and a half million acres of the Northwest Territory from Congress.

What is the state stone of Ohio?

Technically, there is no state stone of Ohio. The official symbol that probably comes closest to being the state stone of Ohio is state gemstone, flint. Flint itself is not a rock, but a type of quartz, which in itself, is a mineral. In fact, flint is the most common mineral found on the Earth’s surface.

What is the Ohio State Code?

Ohio is currently using eleven area codes. Ohio utilizes three area code overlay plans, often called overlay complexes. Ohio currently has two area codes, 283 and 380, which are assigned to provide numbering relief but are not yet in service.

What is the state soil of Ohio?

Miamian is the State Soil of Ohio. Miamian soils are the most extensive soils in Ohio and occur on more than 750,000 acres in the State. They are a productive soil with corn, soybeans, and winter wheat the primary crops.

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