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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Ohio Lottery on my phone?

ePlaySlip is now part of the Ohio Lottery app, allowing you to pick your numbers and scan your phone at retail locations without the need for a paper slip. Tap the ePlaySlip button from the home screen. Swipe left or right through the carousel to find and choose a game.

How do I apply for the school choice lottery?

The School Choice Lottery application process begins at the beginning of January for middle and high schools and in February for elementary schools, utilizing the new electronic paperless application process. To access the School Choice Lottery, you will first need to log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

How do I apply for an Ohio fishing license?

To apply, visit the Ohio Wildlife Licensing System and click on " Licenses & Permits ." The application fee is $3, and anglers may apply once annually. If the same name appears on multiple applications, all applications will be disqualified and the fee forfeited.

What devices are compatible with the Ohio Lottery mobile app?

The Ohio Lottery mobile app is available on all iOS devices running version 12 or higher, and all Android smartphone devices running version 9 or higher. Why isn’t some data showing up in my app? Most features within the mobile application will require a wireless connection to work properly and provide you with current information.

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