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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OIEC's mission?

OIEC's mission is to assist, educate and advocate on behalf of the injured employees of Texas. * Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2025.

How do I contact the OIEC field office?

All field offices can be reached at [email protected] or (866) 393-6432. (The automated message will provide options to reach the person or department you are calling.) Please fill out our survey to help improve our agency services.

Is OIEC open to the public?

Most information and records in the custody of OIEC are available to the public pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, commonly known as the Open Records Act. We have rewarding jobs at OIEC and excellent state benefits!

What is the purpose of the OIEC statutes?

To defend and promote the active exercise of freedom of education in accordance with distributive justice, and to foster relations of mutual recognition and association between Catholic education and the countries in which it exists. OIEC Statutes. Art. 3

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