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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do online chat jobs from home (no phone)?

Online Chat Jobs That You Can Do From Home (No Phone!) There are many, many of my readers that love the idea of doing customer service — but well, the idea of taking phone calls isn't so appealing. I understand this because I did a customer service job from home part-time for a small retail website.

Can you do text chat operator jobs from home?

This can be difficult to do through text but is crucial for this type of work. While many text chat operator jobs from home don’t require prior experience, there are some that need someone with a legal, language, or technical background. The good news? Those who do have this experience can often make more.

How much does an online chat agent make per hour?

If you want to work from home, customer service is the number five [ 3] remote work job category, earning about $16.23 per hour in 2018 [ 4]. If you want to work from home doing something you enjoy, look for remote chat jobs. What Does an Online Chat Agent Do?

Where can I find a chat job?

TIP: If all else fails and you're not really seeing any online chat jobs above that resonate with you — be sure to check out chat/customer support type jobs at Do you currently have a chat job or know of whose hiring?

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