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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cash check at Wells Fargo?

Locate a bank or other financial service company that cashes checks. If you have an account with a particular bank, it may be easiest to cash your Wells Fargo payroll check at that institution.

What time does Wells Fargo clear checks?

"It usually takes two to three business days for a check to clear...". It usually takes two to three business days for a check to clear. If it hasn`t cleared by then, give Wells Fargo a call to see what the issue is with clearing the check. Thank you for your question.

Can You cash personal check at Wells Fargo?

If you have a bank account, endorse the check on the back and deposit it at your bank. If you do not, take the check to a Wells Fargo branch. If the check is written out to "cash", it is payable to whoever presents it. If it is written out to a person, you may need to provide identification.

Can you get temporary checks from Wells Fargo?

While you can't print a blank Wells Fargo check, there is a way to get a few checks the same day. If you're waiting on a check order, you can request a sheet of three personalized temporary checks - aka counter checks - for $3 from your local Wells Fargo branch.

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