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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you order checks from Wells Fargo Bank?

There are three ways to order checks from Wells Fargo. The most convenient way is to order the checks through your online banking. You may also call the customer service number and they would help you in ordering the checks. The last option is to visit any of the Wells Fargo banking location.

Does Wells Fargo do money orders?

Wells Fargo makes money orders up to $1,000 available for purchase by their customers. A money order can be cashed like a check but doesn't show any account numbers or financial information about you other than your name, the name of the bank and your address information.

How do you cash check at Wells Fargo?

Locate a bank or other financial service company that cashes checks. If you have an account with a particular bank, it may be easiest to cash your Wells Fargo payroll check at that institution.

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