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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order Express mobile app?

The Order Express mobile app is designed to enhance your ordering, receiving and physical inventory processes. Compatible with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, the free mobile app offers you the freedom to use your own device for real-time access to ALL current catalog items.

What is ShopRite order express?

Order Express is your new digital home for ordering deli meats and cheeses, meals-to-go, special occasion cakes, catering and more from ShopRite. Hate to wait?

What is orderorder Express reports?

Order Express Reports offers a full suite of online reporting and analytic solutions to provide you with the insights you need to manage your business. Through visual dashboards; easy-to-use, pre-formatted reports; and simple custom controls, all the information you need to cut costs and drive profitability is just a click away. Want more?

What is the difference between order Express and purchase order import?

Order Express provides real-time access to product information and the ability to place order exceptions on backorder. Automated Purchase Order Import allows you to directly place an online order for your pharmacy into your shopping cart in Order Express, while still using your pharmacy management or point of sale system.

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