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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sci orderorder facilitator?

Order Facilitator is SCI's award-winning, advanced outpatient Order Management tool that bridges communications between community physicians and hospitals.

How do I use the new HELP icon in order facilitator?

A new Help icon displays in Order Facilitator and Order Facilitator Admin. This icon will take users directly to the new online help tool. Enter multiple insurance authorizations: For instances where an order includes more than one procedure or insurance, you can enter multiple authorization numbers in the authorization panel.

Is order facilitator EMR-enabled?

SCI Solutions, the premier Access Management solution provider for healthcare, today announced it has released an EMR-enabled version (v6) of its Order Facilitator online order communications tool.

What's new in provider network manager (including order facilitator)?

SCI Solutions is excited to release Provider Network Manager (including Order Facilitator) Version 12! Look for many great new features and enhancements. Here are some highlights: Tag orders and referrals using keywords: You can easily organize and process incoming and outgoing orders and referrals using keyword tags.

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