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Frequently Asked Questions

How many flex-a-size paper towels are in a pack?

Flex-a-Size Paper Towels, 158 Sheet Huge Roll, 6 Count (Pack of 1), 6 Huge Rolls = 19 Regular Rolls Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

Why should you buy paper towels online?

Buying paper towels online is a great way to save space in the shopping cart and in your trunk later. This is especially true for city dwellers who don't have access to cars to easily transport groceries and other home supplies. Delivery of paper towels also benefits the elderly and those who struggle with mobility.

What is a good roll of paper towels?

A good roll of paper towels is a… Multifold paper hand towels are perfect for weddings, special events, businesses, or busy households. These paper hand towels work well for drying hands, faces, or cleaning up spills.

What are the different types of paper towel dispensers?

Solid Wood Paper Towel Dispenser Wall Mounted, Folded Paper Towel Holder with Lid, Commercial C-Fold, Z-Fold, Trifold Hand Paper Towel Holder Dispenser for Bathroom Kitchen Office EZ-Pull Premium 2ply+ SLIMFOLD Hand Towel Paper, White, 20 x 90 Sheets, P2F5 (04442)

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